"Thank you for all the care, attention, and love you put into my body.  A few days after my appointment with you, I started to feel a whole body connection.  I had been practicing the hands on the belly and heart areas you showed me.  And one day, there it was...a feeling of oneness, of delight.  It was just there.  And it's still there.  Thank you Leigh.  With gratitude," -Linda Fremuith, Paonia CO

"Leigh has set the bar of body workers for me.  In addition to her being a well practiced and acutely attuned acupuncturist- with a comprehensive/diverse understanding of beings- she is a healer by nature.  Intuitive, sensitive and responsive to the more subtle flows of dynamic beings.

She holds a space of deep listening that allows me to really drop into my body and more wholly understand myself- helping me translate the body's language.  In my experience with Leigh, her steady support has created an environment conducive to deep healing and radicle transformation."

-Pricilla Boot, Paonia CO

"Dr. Leigh Jacobs has been instrumental in my physical as well as emotional healing journey. As an elder with multiple spinal surgeries and tending to hold stress physically, I found a multi-skilled practitioner with Dr. Leigh. She listens with empathy, and uses her education in biology, acupuncture, chiropractic and multiple subtle body modalities to help realign the nervous system. After the first and subsequent treatments, I left her office feeling physically and emotionally lighter. My active mind settled, the body pain released its hold, and I felt deep peace. Dr. Leigh gave me tools and techniques to use at home that also brought relief.

Don’t mistake this gentle, lovely, grace-filled natural medicine woman to fool you. She is a powerful healer who works on many levels, continuously updates her education, and most importantly, gets results with kindness, care, and skill." -Kim Sullivan, Flagstaff AZ

"I often contemplate what my life would be like had I not met Leigh.  She has been a shepherdess in guiding my spirit back into my body. Leigh's way of working (and her way of being, as she is a healer through and through) still feels like something of a miracle to me.  She has taught me that my body is intelligent, and adaptive.  She has taught me the language of my own body, and I know how wise my body and spirit are.  She has taught me there is always room to heal- and this my body continues to do so brilliantly as the years go by.Leigh is a healer, yes.  She is also a well-seasoned deeply heartened guide, traversing with you through your own inner landscapes to arrive at your being's ever-shifting wellness. It feels like everything she does is in pursuit of the souls remedy.  I am so thankful for Leigh, and the gifts she shares with me and this world." -Skylar Taylor, Paonia CO

"Thank you again for my session today.  It was an absolutely transformative experience for me today on multiple levels.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I was still feeling it profoundly for hours and feel there was a big long term shift as well.  I believe it was the most impactful session I have ever had with anyone. Dr. Leigh is an amazing healer and I appreciate her and her work so much.  Thank you again!"-Marc Bennett, Paonia, CO

"I have been seeing Dr. Leigh Jacobs for almost two years. She has guided me in the long term with keeping my body in tune, and she has helped me several times more acutely, when I needed relief quickly. Leigh is a listener and a healer, and in my case that has meant profoundly positive results from both gentle manipulation and precise acupuncture. Honestly, I would have been skeptical had I not been the recipient of her care. Leigh has earned my complete trust as a medical professional, and I am thankful to have such a sound and delightful guide." -Richard Hypio, Hotchkiss, CO

"I have seen Dr. Leigh Jacobs for over a year now. Never having been to a chiropractor before, I had no Idea what to expect. As that 60 something I am having periodic issues with many joints – chronic low back pain, recovery from a total hip, knees that could be happier, etc. Leigh listens and responds to each concern, makes her own professional evaluation, and is willing to address more than one issue at a time.  Leigh definitely can sense things that are not happy in my body and has treated me with gentle chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, as well as recommended exercises to keep me moving. She is amazingly sensitive to my body’s needs and is a true healer." -Anita Evans, Hotchkiss, CO