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Why Focus on The Nervous System?

Your nervous system influences every aspect of Life. It controls how you physically move (your posture), what when and how hormones are released and regulated, and influences the perceptions you have of yourself, others and Life itself. Modern Life and Cultural Conditioning have created many un-natural ways of Being that puts the individual in a constant state of Stress and Defense. 

This Stress has many negative physiological effects, such as high levels of stress hormones, low energy level, tense and rigid body posture and a dis-harmonious relationship with Self and Others. When the nervous system is in a state of defense all of your energy and focus goes into protection from a real (or imagined) threat. When we are not able to regulate our nervous system, this defense physiology gets anchored into our neurology and before we know it we are living a Life of constantly managing our symptoms, ‘just getting by’ and greatly diminished capacity for Love, Joy, Growth and Creativity.

When our nervous systems begin to heal and unwind from the accumulation of stress, our bodies come into balance, we have more energy, a feeling of safety in our bodies, deeper access to our intuitive knowledge and a greater capacity for taking aligned action in our lives. A healthy, responsive and connected nervous system is vital for anyone wanting to Live their highest potential.

The State or tone of your nervous system is HOW you experience Life. It is the lens through which we see, feel and respond to Life. It controls everything from how you digest and processfood, to how safe and at ease you feel in your body and the world. So many folks are stuck in a loop of ‘putting out the next fire’ in Life because their nervous system is stuck in fight or flight.

What would Life be like if you felt trust in your own innate ability to navigate whatever challenge came your way? Our world is changing rapidly and the state of our consciousness and nervous systems is being challenged. The health and vitality of your nervous system will be foundational to your ability to rise and thrive in these coming times.

Conditions/Specialties these offerings can provide benefit for:

Acute or Chronic Pain

Fertility/Hormone Balance



Stress Relief

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Nervous System Regulation


Shoulder and Knee Injuries



Digestive Issues

Autoimmune Conditions

Emotional Balance

Soul/Life embodiment/expression