Plant Medicine & Residential Program

Ceremonial Plant Bath 

An incredibly healing bath of specifically chosen plants infused into the bath water. The tub is inside the Geodesic dome greenhouse which sits in a secluded Juniper forest. Includes an energetic clearing and attunement to plant allies via Icaros (healing medicine songs) and Sopla (blowing of sacred tobacco or perfume ) to clean and prepare the body, mind and spirit to receive the plant immersion in the bath. This can be experienced as a single event or in conjunction with other offerings and within the Dieta residential program.

Plant Medicine Dieta (1-3 week duration)

 Residential program with accommodation in the Seeker’s Nest, a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath guest house with Access to the Geodesic Dome bath house/green house and sauna, and miles of wandering bliss in the Juniper Forest out back.

What is a Dieta?

The practice of Master Plant Dieta, rooted in Amazonian shamanism and ancient herbal wisdom, brings to the modern world something that was traditionally practiced deep in the jungle, often in isolation.

Within the Dieta practice, a Facilitator or Curandera, having undergone extensive training in the jungle, is granted the right of passage to impart this ancient practice. The Curandera opens the participants; energy body, facilitating a merging experience with a non-psychoactive master plant.

The participant then has a daily ritual of ingesting the plant and spending dedicated time in its presence, often through tincture, tea, infusions, and smoke.

Over the Dieta, a deep and meaningful connection is forged with the plant spirit, providing extensive healing that encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of each individual.

The pieces of your healing and growth that are lurking in the shadows will more than likely come up for healing through the dieta practice – it is particularly powerful in supporting us through what is uncomfortable to confront.

This transformative process goes beyond herbalism, fostering a deep spiritual attunement to the master plants energies. Although non-psychoactive, Dietas are known to be life-changing and transformative in a surprisingly complex and profound way.

Dieta participants commit to neutralizing the nervous system, often involving media and dietary restrictions. After weeks of Dieta, the plant spirit has cleaned you up and becomes an integral part of the individual, offering protective and compassionate guidance. 

When your Dieta is closed you will receive an Arkana – in the tradition of the Shipibo Amazonians, this is a woven cloak of songs and healing vibrations, serving as spiritual protection for people that will support them in their life journey – a gift that is with you forever.