Spinal Energetics

What is Network Spinal Energetics?

Spinal energetics is a method that works directly with your physical spine, nervous system, and energetic bodies to activate your body’s innate wisdom, leading to a restored state of balance, or homeostasis. Through light, yet powerful and specific contacts along the spine (known as ‘gateways’) an organic flow of movement and energy begins and progresses. These contacts are in areas that have free energy available. 

This type of healing focuses on what is working in your body, not on fixing what is not. This kind of touch cues the brain to shift, unwind, discover and release tension and resistance that have been stored in the body.

Spinal energetics is not something that is ‘done’ to a client. It is a practice of collaboration to cultivate and support deep self-awareness in the individual to help restore connection of body, mind and spirit and to release and reorganize tension in the body. The results are a lasting and sustainable ability for the body to self-assess and re-align itself.